I’m Preshit Deorukhkar, a technology columnist, connoisseur of good visual design and a consultant from Mumbai, India. I am the Editor-in-Chief of Beautiful Pixels, where I write about and showcase exceptional examples of good design in any form or medium. I also work with Educational Institutes, handling their online presence and other web properties.

Nuclear Bits is where I write about technology, Apple, photography, India, the Internet and other topics that interest me. You can subscribe to the RSS Feed using this link.

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preshit deorukhkar

The question that I get asked most often is how do I pronounce my name. May be it’d help if I started spelling it as Préshit. The first part of my name is pronounced as ‘Pray’ while the last one rhymes with ‘myth’.

I’m 27, single and live in Mumbai, India. Growing up, I’ve been passionate about building stuff on the web. Back in 2006, I started a web-hosting company called Expertrio Web Services. In 2008, I co-founded Smoking Apples — a blog that covers in-depth reviews, analysis, views, opinions, tutorials and how-tos about all things Apple, Mac & iOS. In 2009, I co-founded Beautiful Pixels — a blog that features a showcase of anything and everything that has beautiful pixels. Then in 2010, I put together a small but genius team of passionate individuals and started working towards, a website that lets you showcase your iOS device homescreens and the apps you’re using on them.

Apart from being the Editor on Smoking Apples and Beautiful Pixels, I have also been an Editor on sites like WATBlogMobileIndustryReviewThe Fifty Paise and IndiaGSM and briefly, the India Editor at The Next Web.

I have also enjoyed working as the Sr. Public Relations Executive at one of the best app development companies in the world — Sourcebits.


  • MacBook Air (13″, 1.3GHz Core i5 Model) attached to a 24″ LED Cinema Display
  • iMac (21.5″, 2.5GHz Core i5)
  • iPhone 6 (64GB, Space Grey, Unlocked)
  • iPad mini with Retina display (Second-gen, Wi-Fi + LTE, 16GB, Space Gray)

The best way to reach me is to send me an email at