Artist Calvin Seibert grew up on a ski resort strongly influenced by brutalist architecture in 1960s Colorado. 

“The construction sites were never fenced in, so they were great places to play and always had piles of sand,” he says. Later, after studying at the School of Visual Arts in New York, Seibert began making modernist sandcastles.

Michael Zhang from PetaPixel referencing a WSJ report:

[…] Yahoo sent out letters to potential buyers in recent days, asking that they submit bids over the next two weeks for Yahoo’s businesses and holdings.

There are reportedly about 40 companies interested in snatching up part or all of Yahoo. Potential buyers include Verizon, Time, Microsoft, IAC/InterActiveCorp, private equity firms, and more. Yahoo originally acquired Flickr back in 2005 for around $25 million.

Yahoo has completely botched Flickr in recent times. They’ve made some crazy stupid decisions in the past, including making the Desktop Auto Uploadr a Pro feature.



I’ve been playing with this little thing for a few months now. It’s pretty handy and I’ll be writing a few more words (in detail) very soon.