Jacob Kastrenakes has a lovely article up on The Verge explaining the new 6GHz Wi-Fi and what is means to consumers. If you remember, 6GHz Wi-Fi was supposed to be named Wi-Fi 6, but as it turns out, sensible naming for technology is a very rare trait.

Devices are expected to start supporting 6GHz Wi-Fi by the end of 2020, so its implementation isn’t far away. When it arrives, expect to see it branded under the name “Wi-Fi 6E.”

Realistically speaking, Wi-Fi 6 devices won’t be common till 2022 at least.

But what exactly is Wi-Fi 6E? Jacob explains:

To get a little more specific, the FCC is opening up 1,200MHz of spectrum in the 6GHz band. For the past two decades, Wi-Fi has been operating with roughly 400MHz of spectrum, and all available channels had to be split up within that limited space. Channels on the 6GHz band are expected to be 160MHz each in size. Only two channels at that size could fit inside the currently available airspace.

This sounds exciting. As someone who lives in an over-populated vertical city like Mumbai, I’m stoked. I currently use 3 Netgear Orbi devices in my house, and will happily switch to whatever reasonable 6E range Netgear releases in India.