Safari Search Suggestions Now Available in India

It looks like Apple has just flipped the switch that enables Safari Search Suggestions for iOS users in India. Up until now, this feature which was introduced by Apple with iOS 8 and shows you smart suggestions based on what you’ve typed in the search bar, was only available in a select few countries. Now, when you type in some search terms, Safari automatically looks them up and presents you with relevant content. This way, you completely bypass Google search results and can jump directly to where you wanted to go. Of course, you can still completely ignore this and still do a Google search using Safari.

Here’s what the smart suggestions work and look like in Safari on iOS.


Click to enlarge


Some suggestions can be expanded into a detailed view and have the “>” symbol on the right. These, when tapped, display additional information like so:


In case you aren’t seeing this, make sure you have enabled them under Settings > Safari > Safari Suggestions

[h/t @jayeshb for pointing this out]

Feed Rango for Feed Wrangler

We’re just a day away from Google permanently shutting down Google Reader. A lot of RSS services have sprung up over the last few weeks and one of the most popular services has been David Smith’s Feed Wrangler. It’s a fantastic service, especially its Smart Streams and Filter features. Shawn Blanc has a great write-up about those.

I wrote this simple browser extension (Chrome and Safari) that improves on the UI of the web app. Check it out and if you like it, download it.