Cloudflare Gets Ready for a Massive Expansion in 2018 with Two New Data Centers in India

Matthew Prince, CEO of Cloudflare, announces their 120th data center in Salt Lake City, Utah and says the company has planned a “massive expansion” for 2018.

We have big plans. By the end of the year, we’re forecasting that we’ll have facilities in 200 cities and 100 countries worldwide. Twelve months from now we expect that 95% of the world’s population will live in a country with a Cloudflare data center.

In the post linked above, I noticed the network map includes five (maybe six) dots for India.

Cloudflare Network Map for India

Cloudflare Network Map for India

This includes the three existing Cloudflare data centers in New Delhi, Mumbai, and Chennai, which the company launched in November 2015. The fourth dot, seen in Orange, looks like a new data center in progress in or around Nagpur in central India. Similarly, the fifth dot, seen in teal here looks like a new data center in or close to Bengaluru planned for sometime in 2018. It also looks like Cloudflare will be launching a new data center in Nepal.

As someone who lives in Mumbai and builds websites for clients — the majority of whom are located in the Indian subcontinent, I’m incredibly excited about all this.

A Look Inside Google’s Data centers

Google is offering a fascinating look inside all of its datacenters, which house the bulk of all the data that the search and email giant possesses.

For the first time, we’re giving everyone a glimpse into where we run our products. Now you can take a virtual tour of one of our data centers in Street View. Or browse photo albums of the technology, people, and places that keep Google’s products running.

There are some incredible photos and a ton of insight about what goes on in their datacenter. I love the way the pipes are colored in some and the locations Google has chosen for some of these.