Linus from Linus Tech Tips explains how Apple refused to fix their iMac Pro, even if they were ready to pay for getting it fixed.

What Apple has done here is to release a brand new platform that they are unwilling and/or unable to provide support for.

This sure works as a great ad for your brand new “Pro” offering, especially when you’ve gone above and beyond to ensure that all your other “Pro” offerings are nowhere close to being Pro-level machines in reality.

The new iMac Pro that went on sale last month includes a new custom chip built by Apple that the company is calling the T2. Jason Snell, writing for Macworld, has an interesting look at all the various functions and responsibilities that the custom T2 Chip handles in the iMac Pro.

[…] this new Mac is completely different from all past Mac models.

The iMac Pro may be an outlier today, but in the future we’ll probably look back on it as the start of a new era for the Mac, all because of the Apple-built T2 chip it carries inside.

A Tear Down of the new iMac Pro

The folks at got their hands on a new iMac Pro and of course got down to tearing it down to reveal what’s on the inside.

The iMac Pro is a gorgeous machine on the outside, but as this video shows, it’s far more beautiful on the inside too. The tight integration of components in the little available space is handled incredibly well by Apple.