Mint Pepper for Panic’s Status Board

After Panic released the Status Board app for iPad yesterday, a lot of users, including me, have been waiting for a compatible Mint plugin that will let them view their Mint stats in Status Board.

Today, Maxime Valette, the creator of URI.LV has now released a Pepper for Mint that lets you add graphs for hourly, daily, weekly and monthly stats from your Mint installation to Status Board. He was kind enough to let me test it on my site and was quick to squash a few bugs. The installation of the pepper is simple and it even readily gives you clickable panicboard:// links that’ll automatically install the graph in your Status Board app.

You can download the Mint Pepper for Status Board using this link. Maxime has also open-sourced it on GitHub, so all you developers can get cracking if you want to customize it.