Reeder 2 for Mac Public Beta

Silvio has just made the public beta of Reeder 2 for Mac available on the website. Reeder was the reigning RSS app for Mac a few years ago and I used to love the app, but lack of updates or any communication from him meant that people started moving onto other apps. Right now, I’m very content with ReadKit for Mac, but looking at this beta, I’m definitely intrigued.

Feedbin’s First Year

The goal was to be able to cover costs in one year. Instead it took three weeks. It cost about $170/month to run Feedbin when it launched and with $1.62/user/month in profit after credit card fees it looked like I would need just over 100 customers who were also looking for a Google Reader alternative.

I signed up for Feedbin right around the time it launched and have been using it ever since. It offers exactly what I need — a service that stays out of my way, offers an API that my favorite iOS & Mac apps support and sync perfectly between everything.

Feedbin got everything right.

Feed Rango for Feed Wrangler

We’re just a day away from Google permanently shutting down Google Reader. A lot of RSS services have sprung up over the last few weeks and one of the most popular services has been David Smith’s Feed Wrangler. It’s a fantastic service, especially its Smart Streams and Filter features. Shawn Blanc has a great write-up about those.

I wrote this simple browser extension (Chrome and Safari) that improves on the UI of the web app. Check it out and if you like it, download it.