The WordPress News website has just gotten a beautiful new design, which was led by designer Beatriz Fialho.

My favorite thing about this redesign isn’t just the boldness of the design with that striking shade of blue, it’s that the design uses the beautiful Inter family for the body text, combined with EB Garamond for the headings.

Matt Mullenweg, writing on his personal blog about Automattic’s latest Series D round from Salesforce Ventures at a $3 billion valuation.

For Automattic, the funding will allow us to accelerate our roadmap (perhaps by double) and scale up our existing products—including, WordPress VIP, WooCommerce, Jetpack, and (in a few days when it closes) Tumblr. It will also allow us to increase investing our time and energy into the future of the open source WordPress and Gutenberg.

Automattic has long been one of my most revered companies on the internet. The way WordPress has evolved over the years, complimented by products like Jetpack and VaultPress, it truly remarkable.

And so, I’ve been very excited to see what the Automattic team does with its Tumblr acquisition. Tumblr was known to have phenomenal potential back in the day, and with the right team running it now, I long to see where the product goes. At the bare minimum, I hope Tumblr can act as an alternative or replacement to Instagram, which Facebook has already ruined with too many ads.

Joost de Valk, writing on the blog:

WordPress now powers over 1/3rd of the top 10 million sites on the web according to W3Techs. Our market share has been growing steadily over the last few years, going from 29.9% just one year ago to 33.4% now. We are, of course, quite proud of these numbers!


Over the years WordPress has become the CMS of choice for more and more people and companies. As various businesses use WordPress, the variety of WordPress sites grows. Large enterprise businesses all the way down to small local businesses: all of them use WordPress to power their site. We love seeing that and we strive to continuously make WordPress better for all of you.

So stoked to see the rise of WordPress.

WordPress Celebrates its 15th Anniversary Today

15 Years of WordPress

On May 27, 2003 — exactly fifteen years ago today, the first version of WordPress was made available for download. Unlike most software releases that start at v1.0, this was Version 0.7 of WordPress that was being released as the first non-beta.

What began as a fork of b2/cafelog over 15 years ago has today turned into a robust, reliable and popular Content Management System that powers close to 30% of the world’s top 10 million websites.

WordPress holds a very special place in my life and I’ve been building websites powered by WordPress since 2006. Although I’m not a fan of the clunky mess that WordPress is turning into, I still love building with WordPress and couldn’t be more excited about the years to come.

WordPress 4.3 Beta is now ready for testing and the team has listed the notable changes arriving with version 4.3. This one below is really good to have.

We put a lot of work into Better Passwords throughout WordPress. Now, WordPress will limit the life time of password resets, no longer send passwords via email, and generate and suggest secure passwords for you.

I wish Automattic themselves offered a Two-Step Authentication plugin for self-hosted WordPress installations.

WordPress Admin Theme Redesign

George Kordas has crafted this beautiful WordPress Admin Theme Redesign and is working on introducing it as a plugin for existing WP installations. The current WordPress Admin UI is old and feels outdated now, so it would be great to see this out there.

Click through to see his stunning work.

Poster 2.0

Poster is by far the best WordPress app available for iOS today. I have already written about how good the app is and recommend it to anyone who has an iOS device and writes for a WordPress blog. In fact, its features and UI are far better than the official WordPress app available for iOS. Today, Poster has been updated to version 2.0. With this major release, the app continues to get even better and brings a plethora of new features.

Poster now features support for Custom Post Types in WordPress. If you have customized your blog by adding Custom Post Types for anything, Poster will let you enable them from the settings. Poster now also lets you edit a post’s excerpt, set the post as Sticky & even lets you add images anywhere in a post by tapping and holding down the cursor when you’re in the editor. Other notable features that this release brings include:

  • Localized for English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, and Spanish
  • Edits to published posts can now be saved locally before re-publishing
  • Option to remove a post’s featured image
  • Re-order your blogs within the interface
  • Ability to assign custom labels to custom fields
  • Improved speed when syncing posts
  • Edits to posts are automatically saved. There’s no need to manually save a post anymore.

This version also brings along robust support for a URL Schema for Poster. If you’re the developer of an app, you might want to take a look at that.

Poster still sports the same beautiful and minimal UI identity of its and this release manages to make it an even solid app. It’s available on the App Store for $2.99 as a Universal app.