Thunderspace HD

In case you haven’t already heard about Thunderspace, it is a fabulous little iOS app that replicates thunderstorms using 3D, stereoscopic virtual sounds that you listen to via your headphones. It is a great way to just sit back and relax. Now would be a good time to try the app, as it is current available Free on the App Store. It comes bundled with two thunderstorms and you can purchase additional ones using IAPs.

Reeder 2 for Mac Public Beta

Silvio has just made the public beta of Reeder 2 for Mac available on the website. Reeder was the reigning RSS app for Mac a few years ago and I used to love the app, but lack of updates or any communication from him meant that people started moving onto other apps. Right now, I’m very content with ReadKit for Mac, but looking at this beta, I’m definitely intrigued.

Lava’s 8800mAh Power Bank (Portable Charger)

Flipkart currently has this 8800mAh Lava Power Bank (Portable Charger) on sale for just Rs. 1819 for the next 35 minutes. The MRP is of this product is Rs. 2999 while Flipkart usually sells it for Rs. 2799.

Go grab it.

Rdio buys Dhingana to Enter India

NT Balanarayan, Vikas SN & Nikhil Pahwa reporting exclusively for MediaNama:

US-based music streaming website Rdio has acquired Indian music streaming website Dhingana, Dhingana has confirmed to MediaNama. MediaNama had heard about the development from multiple industry sources.

Sources also told MediaNama that the amount being offered to Dhingana is lower than the amount of funding they had raised.

This is great news. I’ve been waiting for either Spotify or Rdio to enter this market for a long time now, so this was welcome news to wake up to. I do hope Rdio launches with their complete (English) catalogue and not just a country-specific (Hindi) one.

Feedbin’s First Year

The goal was to be able to cover costs in one year. Instead it took three weeks. It cost about $170/month to run Feedbin when it launched and with $1.62/user/month in profit after credit card fees it looked like I would need just over 100 customers who were also looking for a Google Reader alternative.

I signed up for Feedbin right around the time it launched and have been using it ever since. It offers exactly what I need — a service that stays out of my way, offers an API that my favorite iOS & Mac apps support and sync perfectly between everything.

Feedbin got everything right.

Flipkart Branded Smartphones

Rajat Agrawal reporting for BGR India:

Sources tell BGR India that Flipkart was in talks with Intel, MediaTek and Qualcomm for almost two years. It was the successful launch of the Moto G exclusively on Flipkart sort of convinced the online retailer, sources say. While the plans are still in the works, BGR India learns that Flipkart has zeroed down at launching two smartphones based on solutions from one of the three chipset vendors mentioned above.

This is going to be very interesting. The people that I speak to daily, my friends & peers, know Flipkart as a major online retailer and are slowly getting comfortable ordering large or expensive products “online” without being skeptical. Surprisingly, most of them weren’t aware of Amazon India’s entry into the same space. I can’t say about the quality of these smartphones that Flipkart is supposedly launching, but it’s an interesting move nonetheless.

‘Why You Should Not Buy the Nokia X’

Prasad Naik reasons why the Nokia X is a terrible choice:

You’re not buying an Android phone. You are buying a horribly deformed child of Android and Windows Phone that will never be as good as either of them. It’s like Nokia combined the worst of both of those platforms into one device.

How Vodafone India Welcomed a Postpaid Customer

TL;DR Version: Applied for new Vodafone Postpaid SIM on Feb 24th, 2014. Number wasn’t activated till Feb 27th. Submitted fresh set of documents & form on Feb 28th. Number is still not activated as of today, March 6th, 2014. Vodafone refuses to help me.

Background: I have been a happy Airtel Mobile customer for about 10 years now. Their service has been generally good for me and I continue to recommend them to anyone who comes asking. However, I tend to travel to offbeat places a fair bit and Airtel’s network is completely absent at times. A lot of my peers suggested that I get a Vodafone number as an alternative, so that I won’t be completely in the dark. So I thought, “Why not? What’s the harm.” Pretty innocent, right?


Here’s how Vodafone has been dealing with me and my attempts to get a Vodafone Postpaid Number.

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