Matt Gemmell has posted this lovely first look at his new iPad 10.5-inch gifted by his wife. There are some great photos of the device next to the old 9.7-inch iPad Pro, so you get a good sense of the changes in the dimensions on the new one.

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Some Thoughts on Apple’s WWDC 2017 Announcements

Apple WWDC 2017

At its annual Worldwide Developers Conference 2017 this week, Apple delivered a jam-packed keynote address on Monday. As has been tradition over the last few years, a bunch of us Apple enthusiasts gathered at the iXyr Media HQ to watch the keynote together. Unlike the last few keynotes, the WWDC 2017 keynote address lasted almost 2.5 hours, and the company had so much to talk about. They even completely skipped talking about their sales and growth, and their tvOS platform barely got 2 minutes on stage, only so that Tim Cook could mention that the Amazon Prime Video app is finally coming to Apple TV later this year.

Over the next 140 minutes or so, Tim Cook and other Apple executives took the audience through an incredible journey, in what is touted at one of the best Keynotes that Apple has ever delivered, largely for the sheet number of announcements that the company had to make.

Here is a list of everything major Apple announced at WWDC 2017 and some thoughts on the announcements:

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Airtel Introduces ‘Internet TV’ — An Android Powered, 4K Ready Hybrid DTH Box for your TV

Airtel Internet TV

Bharti Airtel today introduced ‘Internet TV‘ — a hybrid DTH set-top box for TVs. Touted as “India’s first”, the Internet TV box is powered by Google’s Android TV and comes with a host of interesting features targeted towards avid viewers who stream a lot of online content.

Airtel’s Internet TV is a Hybrid STB, bringing you the best of both DTH and the Internet. It brings you 500+ SD & HD channels from Airtel’s digital TV service, as well as virtually any app downloadable from Google Play. You can download and install apps, games, including apps from online streaming services such as Netflix, Eros Now, HOOQ, etc. You also get access to Airtel’s own Wynk services.

Airtel Internet TV

The Internet TV hardware isn’t shy on specs or ports, featuring a 2GB RAM and 2GHz ARM processor, 8GB of internal memory (upgradeable to 128GB), 4K 60fps resolution, Dolby ATMOS, 10/100 ethernet port, built-in Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and also comes with companion “gamepad” apps for iOS and Android.

Airtel is also offering a complimentary bonus to Airtel Broadband customers under its myHome offer. Depending on your plan, you either get 10GB or 25GB of free data every month.

A subscription to Internet TV is currently priced at ₹4999 for 3 months or ₹7999 for 12 months, the latter being a limited time offer. You can head to Amazon India to place your order.

Update May 1st, 2017: Airtel has now clarified that you do need an active DTH connection in order to continue using the non-DTH features of the device.

I was looking to order a couple of these boxes for my house to replace TataSky, but clearly that doesn’t seem like a good idea yet.

On Vivek Wadhwa’s Factor Daily piece titled “Why Apple is destined to fail in India”


Earlier today, Factor Daily published this piece titled ‘Why Apple is destined to fail in India‘ written by Vivek Wadhwa. A similarly-worded article from the author also appeared on The Washington Post and VentureBeat a day earlier. I subscribed to Factor Daily via RSS a while ago, primarily for the people behind the site who have delivered some great content in the past. I, however, was definitely not ready for this hilariously bullshit stream of content heading my way.

Now, usually when I come across a title as bold as this one about Apple, and they’re dime a dozen these days, I usually either skip it completely or read it and then skip reacting to it. But this piece by Vivek Wadhwa has such ingenious crap filled inside, I couldn’t help fire up Ulysses. Vivek’s piece essentially says that Apple is destined to fail in India because the company fails to understand the Indian market and that “it is repeating the mistakes it made in China”. However, a lot of points that Vivek raises are just not true, plain wrong, or simply laughable.

[With inputs and corrections from Rohan “RN” Naravane, who was just as baffled upon reading the piece.]

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