Enhanced Editions of Harry Potter Series Available Exclusively on iBooks

Apple today sent out a press release announcing that enhanced editions of all seven books in J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter series are now exclusively available on the iBooks Store.

These enhanced editions contain the full original text, interactive animations and elaborate artwork, as well as annotations throughout the series.

Until now, the Harry Potter digital books have only been available for readers to purchase through the Pottermore Shop. Starting today, iBooks® users can experience the books with all new exclusive custom covers for each title, and typography including the custom Harry Potter typefaces and new section headers and drop caps.

These books are priced at $9.99 each and are available in 32 countries starting today. Additionally, Apple has also begun accepting pre-orders for French, German and Spanish versions of these editions are they’ll be available starting November 9 in 18 additional countries.

Apple has even setup a custom landing page for Harry Potter fans at www.itunes.com/HarryPotter.

Squarespace is the best way to build a website or e-commerce store.

Sneha Johari writing for MediaNama:

Ecommerce player Snapdeal has invested $20 million in logistics firm GoJavas to further enhance its supply chain and logistics. GoJavas will use the funds to add 100 more cities to its repertoire in the next 6-12 months. Snapdeal had picked up a minority stake in the company for an undisclosed amount in March this year.

According to Snapdeal, GoJavas has been one of its ‘best performing’ last mile logistics partners, reducing Snapdeal’s delivery time by 24 hours in the last 6 months. Snapdeal says that it has invested $100 million in the last 6 months to improve delivery timelines by 70%, while looking to invest another $200 million in the next 12 months to strengthen its supply chain.

TwelveSouth introduces an all new BookArc for MacBooks

TwelveSouth BookArc for MacBooks

TwelveSouth, makers of some of the most amazing and drop dead gorgeous accessories for Mac and iOS devices, today announced a redesigned version of the BookArc for MacBooks. The BookArc is an all aluminum stand that lets you prop your MacBooks upright in a closed-clamshell mode, thus freeing up space on your desk and additionally making your workspace look a lot cooler.

The new BookArc has been redesigned to have gorgeous chamfered edges and a slightly tweaked shape. The interchangeable silicone inserts allow you to fit in any current generation MacBooks in the BookArc, including the new 12-inch Retina MacBook. Each BookArc ships with three inserts, so even if you buy a new MacBook, you won’t have to purchase a new BookArc.

TwelveSouth BookArc on the Desk

The TwelveSouth BookArc with a MacBook on a Desk

I had the original BookArc, released almost 7 years ago and loved using it with my 15″ Unibody MacBook Pro and 24″ Apple Cinema Display. I had quite a narrow desk back then, so it was great being able to pop the uMBP upright, just behind the Cinema Display and free up the space for other stuff.

The new BookArc has been priced at $50, similar to what the old model was priced at. If you’re in the US, you can also enjoy Free Shipping on your order. In India, Apple Premium Resellers like Imagine and Unicorn do stock TwelveSouth products, but it’s going to be a while before the new BookArc shows up there.

Rich McCormick writing for The Verge:

[Motor Trend] says that Android Auto tracks variables including vehicle speed, throttle position, fluid temperatures, and engine revs, information that is collated and then sent back to Google. Apple’s CarPlay, on the other hand, only checks with the car’s powertrain control module to ensure that the vehicle is moving. Porsche was apparently unwilling to enter a deal that would send reams of information back to Google — partly, Motor Trend says, because the manufacturer thinks those details make its high-end autos special, and partly because Google itself is in the midst of building its own car.

I can’t possibly imagine why Google would want all that data. Can you?

Welcome to Nuclear Bits 2.0

I launched Nuclear Bits back in July 2012. Up until that point, I had been “blogging” on and off at http://preshit.net since 2008 and it was time to retire that site. I was looking to start fresh with a new site, a new name and new place for all the interesting links and articles, and after a couple of weeks of work, Nuclear Bits was born. Over the last three years, I have published a little over 300 posts here, posting content across topics like Apple, apps, consumer technology, India, photography, videos, etc.

Today, I introduce Nuclear Bits 2.0. The site now sports a single column layout, with the beautiful Whitney typeface from Hoefler & Co replacing the old serif, which was Process Type Foundry’s Elena. The site should also be much more responsive now, being powered by CloudFlare‘s network.

This isn’t just a visual refresh though. I’ve also gotten rid of a lot of junk that seemed like a good idea back in 2012, but just doesn’t fit in with the trends of 2015. Overall, this took about 4 hours of work on a Sunday and I’m quite happy with the results.

I’m also a lot more motivated now and plan to get back to posting quality stuff here again.

If you’re reading this in an RSS reader, click here to check the new site out.

Hiroko Tabuchi reporting for The New York Times today:

[…] the bankruptcy would wipe out American Apparel’s current shareholders, including Mr. Charney, whose stake in the retailer that he founded in 1989 was worth about $8.2 million as of Friday. It would instead put the company’s creditors in full control, including Standard General, the little-known hedge fund that is also leading the turnaround at RadioShack, which went bankrupt in February.

I didn’t see that coming.

Apple’s New Safari Extensions Gallery

Apple has had an Extensions Gallery for Safari, a place where you could discover and download 3rd party extensions for your browser. With the recent launch of Safari 9.0 along with OS X El Capitan, Apple has now moved the Extensions Gallery to a new place and URL. The Safari Extensions Gallery is now available at https://safari-extensions.apple.com and with Version 9.0, Apple has changed the way Safari Extensions are built, distributed and updated. A brief summary of the changes is that:

1. To be able to build and distribute Safari Extensions, you now have to sign up for the Apple Developer Program, which costs $99/year. Previously, you could develop and self-sign your own Safari Extensions. That is no longer possible.

2. Apple now hosts and serves Safari Extensions directly from the above linked Extensions Gallery. The extensions are neatly categorized and are manually approved by Apple. You can download and install the extensions with a single click.

3. Only those Safari Extensions that are downloaded directly from Apple can be updated automatically. This means that the extensions you have downloaded from 3rd-party website, or a developer’s own website, will **not auto-update**. Developers can still sign their own extensions and make them available for download, but users will have no way to updating them.

Popular Safari Extensions like 1Password, Ghostery, Pocket are already available on the new gallery.

Apple Watch Charging Clip by Studio Neat

The folks at Studio Neat have come up with this nifty 3D printed product out of an idea that was born originally to Matthew Panzarino. Of course, the nice people that they are, got to solving the problem and here’s what we have.

A few weeks ago Matthew Panzarino emailed us a photo of a crude setup: a rubber band wrapped around the face of the watch, holding the puck securely as a sort of seat belt. He had been using the watch extensively during the day and needed to charge while out and about. He wanted to simply throw the charging watch in his bag, and this was his MacGyver’d solution.

The Apple Watch Charging Clip is a little thing that attaches to the back of your Apple Watch to hold the magnetic charger in place.


The clip is available via Shapeways in multiple colors for both 38mm and 42 mm watches. Shapeways is also offering Free worldwide shipping this weekend.

I love that 3D printing has made it so easy these days to solve small problems like these.

WD My Passport Pro Review — Thunderbolt Powered RAID Storage

WD My Passport Pro

For as long as I can remember, Western Digital (WD) has been my favorite storage companies. They’ve long been making phenomenal hard disk drives and I’ve personally owned several of their products since 2003. I presently own four external drives to house all kinds of data and to power my backup and I couldn’t be happier with their performance, compared to the drives from a couple of other companies that I’ve tried in the past, one of which failed on me in just six months. That’s why I’ve only recommended WD drives (or Hitachi) to my friends & peers whenever I’ve been asked about one.

A few weeks ago, WD India was kind enough to send me a review unit of the My Passport Pro. I have a 13” MacBook Air with a mere 128GB of storage and this drive has been a near perfect storage extension for me over the last few weeks.

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At the end of February 2013, we announced 1 million users in India and within just 2 and a half years, we’re excited to announce that we’ve crossed the 5M user mark.


Our new users have increased by 3000% between Dec 2010 and Sept 2015. Evernote users in India are growing rapidly and we expect to meet our next 5 million users in record time as well.