Enter Pyongyang

“Enter Pyongyang” is another stunning collaboration between city-­branding pioneer JT Singh and flow-motion videographer Rob Whitworth. Blending time-lapse photography, acceleration and slow motion, HD and digital animation, they have produced a cutting‐edge panorama of a city hardly known, but one emerging on the visitor’s landscape as North Korea’s opening unfolds.

Two-step Verification for Apple ID Now Available in India

In today’s day & age, securing your online accounts has become very important. Many major web services today offer multi-factor authentication, commonly known as two-factor authentication or two-step verification. Services like Google, Dropbox, Evernote, App.net, etc. have offered 2FA as an option for quite some time now. Apple on the other hand has had this option available only for a limited subset of users. With over 800 Million iTunes accounts, Apple has the largest database of Credit Card powered accounts on the web.

Today, Apple enabled support for Two-step verification for additional countries, including India. Here’s the complete list:


I highly recommend heading over to http://appleid.apple.com and enabling this option for your account.

Unlike other services, Apple has a unique way of delivering the code to you. Most services that I know of use either a unique code that is generated on the user’s device or send the code via an SMS to the user’s phone. When you enable two-step verification for your Apple ID, Apple asks you to register one or more “trusted devices” that will can receive the code. This can either be your own mobile phone capable of receiving SMSs or it could be your partner’s or parents’ phone. Additionally, you can also add any iOS device that has “Find My iPhone” enabled, which can receive the code via a system modal dialogue box. For example, if you have an iPad without a SIM in it, it can still be added as a trusted device.

Next time when you attempt to sign in with your Apple ID, after you’ve entered your password, Apple presents all these trusted devices as an option to you. You can select which device you want to receive the code on and proceed.


In case you have forgotten your password or don’t have access to any of your trusted devices, Apple also gives you a Recovery Key to gain access to your account. Make sure you keep it safe.

[h/t 9to5Mac]

#standwithme — The Documentary

Yekra Player
Yekra is a revolutionary new distribution network for feature films.
Only a 9-year-old would dream a lemonade stand could free 500 enslaved children. After seeing a photo of two enslaved boys in Nepal, Vivienne Harr is moved to help in the only way she knows how: by setting up her lemonade stand. With the goal of freeing 500 children from slavery, she sets up her stand every day, rain or shine. In telling Vivienne’s story, #standwithme examines the realities of modern-day slavery, the role we play in it as consumers, and the importance of knowing the story behind what we buy.

Apple Slashes Prices of iMac & Mac mini in India

After introducing a new, cheaper iMac yesterday, Apple has also gone ahead and slashed the prices of iMac, Mac mini and Apple TV in India, according to NDTV Gadgets.

Apple had last raised the prices when it introduced the new iMac line-up back in September 2013. Here are the updated prices:

Prices of Macs in India (Updated June 19th, 2014)

Old Price
New Price
Effective Price Cut
iMac - 21.5", 2.7GHz99,90092,9007,000
iMac - 21.5", 2.9GHz1,14,9001,06,9008,000
iMac - 27", 3.2GHz1,39,9001,27,90012,000
iMac - 27", 3.4GHz1,54,9001,42,90012,000
Mac mini - Base Model44,90042,9002,000
Mac mini - 2nd Model58,90056,9002,000
Mac mini - OS X Server Model72,90070,9002,000
Apple TV8,4007,500900
All prices in INR

Apple Introduces a Cheaper iMac Model (India Pricing)

Apple today introduced a new, entry-level 21.5″ iMac that’s $200 cheaper than the previous model, but is also very limited when it comes to specs. The new iMac model sports a 1.4GHz dual-core Intel Core i5 processor (with Turbo Boost Speeds up to 2.7GHz) and a 500GB hard drive, while retaining all the same specs as the next 21.5″ iMac model.

The new model is priced at $1099 in the US and the India Pricing has been set at INR 79,900.

Just Mobile AluCable Flat


The Just Mobile AluCable Flat is a very interesting looking Lightning Cable for your iPhone or iPad. Just Mobile makes great aluminum products and I’ve used their Xtand Pro and Xtand in the past.

The AluCable Flat is a 4-feet USB-to-Lightning cable that’s flat like Thai noodles. The ends have aluminum connectors for the USB and Lightning ports and the cable is Apple-certified.

I really wish Apple improves the quality of their Lightning cables.