1Password 4 for iOS

1Password by AgileBits is one of my favorite apps on iOS and also the very first app I install on a new iOS device. 1Password holds every single password I’ve used on any website, service or app & other information in it and has been a reliable companion ever since I first bought it for my Mac. It has truly become a crucial app to have these days.

While 1Password has been a functionally fantastic app on iOS, it wasn’t all that well with its UI. All that changed with the release of v4.0 of the app a couple of days ago. Every corner and pixel of the app has been redesigned, and beautifully at that. The app’s UI now uses some stunning icons for categories and overall has a nice feel to it.

Additionally, 1Password also gains a ton of new features, including a full-fledged in-app browser with a URL bar and tabs, a Vault, Folders & Global Search, Action Bar on every item (swipe to perform actions), a Demo mode to show off the app to your friends without disclosing your private data and a complete PC-less setup, along with syncing via Dropbox or iCloud.

Also new with 4.0 is that the app is now a single, Universal app. Previously, 1Password was available in 3 versions — iPhone, 1Pad and a Universal “Pro” version. With 4.0, AgileBits are now selling just a Universal app and it’s currently available at $7.99 on the App Store (Launch special price, regular price is $17.99).