25% of Cleartrip’s Mobile Site Traffic Already on iOS 6

The folks at Cleartip have published some stats by looking at the traffic to their mobile site. Let’s ignore the sensationalist headline — ‘iOS Adoption Rate in India‘ (Stats only show users accessing their mobile site) for a while and look at the numbers.

Prior to its September 19th launch, iOS 6 constituted a negligible 0.2% of the iOS traffic share to our mobile site. On the first day of its release, iOS 6′s share clocked in at 6%. Another four days later, iOS 6 surged to almost a 25% share.

That’s pretty impressive, considering that all 25% of these users had to manually update to iOS 6. I’m guessing the numbers would’ve been pretty low going from iOS 4 to iOS 5 since OTA updates were not possible back then. In a “broadband” deprived country like India, I’m sure OTA updates played a huge role in this case.

At the time of going to press, the two most recent versions of iOS (iOS 5.1.x & iOS 6) have a combined contribution of 75% of iOS traffic to our mobile site.

I checked my analytics data and interestingly, iOS 5.1.x & 6.0 users already contribute over 95% of the total iOS traffic to Beautiful Pixels. This site has them at a little over 70%.

Cleartrip also decided to look at the Android users to their mobile site:

Android’s latest OS Jelly Bean 4.1.x released over two months ago; has a measly 1.8% share of the Android market so far. Over a year has passed since the launch of Ice Cream Sandwich, but its share still hovers at just 28% — a milestone that iOS6 will surpass in just another couple of days.

No surprises here, barely any Android phones that are sold in India have received the ICS update, let alone Jelly Bean.

I wonder what the stats are like for their native iOS app, which is pretty good too.