Bingo Machine [Sponsor]

My thanks to Bingo Machine for being the first sponsor on Nuclear Bits.

Bingo Machine is a nifty app for your iOS device that replaces the person calling out the numbers in a game. The app wonderfully automates the process of randomly picking numbers, calling them out and displaying them on screen via a beautifully designed UI. The app lets you manually control when to call out numbers or you can automate this process at specific intervals. Bingo Machine will show you all the numbers that have been called out and the ones that remain on a neat grid. Missed a number? It’ll recap through the recent numbers as well.

It works quite well and I’ve already used it on two different occasions to some great feedback. There is built-in support for AirPlay or TV Out so you can display the numbers on a giant screen at a party or function. It’s available on the App Store for just $0.99.