Firstpost: Sensational Headlines 101

A couple of days ago, Pod2g — prominent hacker in the jailbreak scene — discovered a flaw in the way iOS handles its text messaging. In a nutshell, what it means is that anyone with proper knowledge of SMS technologies can spoof the header of a text message in such a way that the iPhone displays the the “reply to” number as the sender, instead of the number that’s actually sending the message. While this is a serious issue, it’s not something that’s suddenly affecting millions of users.

IANS wrote about this story, with the headline “Hacker claims security flaw with Apple’s iPhone“, which is fair enough. India’s leading daily, The Times of India, republished syndicated the same IANS article, but changed the headline to “Apple iPhone security flaw revealed by hacker“, which again is a fair headline.

Here’s what Firstpost decided was a good headline to go with, syndicating the exact same story sourced from IANS.
Not so secure: Text messaging on iPhone can be hacked“.

I like how Firstpost’s team throws the term ‘hacking’ around so freely.