Guardian Eyewitness app introduces a Premium option

The Guardian Eyewitness app is one of my favorite photo apps for the iPad. Every day, the app is updated with a single stunning photograph chosen by the Guardian desk and often gives you a striking glimpse into events occurring around the world. The photos show up fullscreen and look absolutely breathtaking on the Retina Display of the new iPad. Every photo comes with a small description and a ‘Pro Tip’ — insights into how the photo was taken. The app is able to load up to 100 photos from the past.

Today, the app was updated with an option to enable Eyewitness Premium — a monthly paid subscription that adds the two extra features to the app. ‘Eyewitness Extra’ brings you three additional photos every day, over 80 stunning photos a month and ‘Eyewitness Series’, a special picture of the day series for major news and sports events around the world. The series begins with a showcase of photos from the London 2012 Olympic Games.

The Eyewitness Premium subscription costs £1.49 a month (via IAP) and I am definitely subscribing. If you’re skeptical, give the basic app a try, it’s Free on the App Store. You will also be able to preview the Eyewitness Extra and Eyewitness Series collections in the app when you first download it.