A Review of BSG Stay, Turtle Beach, Morjim Hotel in Goa

This past week, I went on a small, long-pending, post-Diwali vacation to Goa. It was splendid, and gave me a much-needed break from the routines. We spent our time in North Goa, in Morjim. Although the trip was fantastic, we had a terrible time at the hotel stay we had chosen, which was ‘BSG Stay, Turtle Beach, Morjim‘. While it’s a good-looking hotel in the pictures, the ground reality is vastly different. A whole lot of things went wrong in our experience and I wanted to post a review about it on Google. Unfortunately, Google won’t publish the review I wrote for this listing, so I’m posting it here instead. Hopefully it’ll help someone in case they are considering booking a stay at the BSG Stay Hotel at Morjim, Goa.

BSG Stay, Morjim (Goa) – A Detailed Review

Terrible place and piss poor service.

This place has decent quality rooms, but a lot of stuff is broken or not working and it goes unfixed for days due to the hotel’s bad service. Hot water system? Not working. Jet spray? Not working. Toilet seat? Broken. This is going to be a long and detailed review, so bear with me till the end as I cover some important points that you shouldn’t miss.



So many things wrong here. The flush, once used, takes 13 minutes to refill completely (yes I timed it.) so once you use it, you have to wait a long time. The Jet Spray in our room was completely broken and sprayed water all over, and in spite of repeated reminders to the staff and the reception desk, it wasn’t fixed in 4 days. We kept getting told that the plumber will come, but that never happened. The hot water system never worked when you wanted it to, and the tap gave barely lukewarm water at best. When complained, their standard response was to just leave the water running, hot water will eventually come. It didn’t. The toilet seat was broken, and the seat also wouldn’t stay upright. So when you sit for business, the lid cover will keep falling on your back. There’s only one small dim light in the washroom, above the basin. So the rest of the washroom stays dark.

We once asked for some hot water for bathing our 14-month old baby, and the staff brought a half-filled bucket with luke-warm water. When we said we wanted more of it, at least a full bucket to bath him, the staff tells us add tap water to fill the bucket.


The staff and manager are polite, but always seem disinterested in helping you. You have to remind them to clean the room, and at times they will just not clean it. When asked, they’ll say they had some new check-ins to attend to, effectively saying new customers are more valuable than existing ones. When the room does get cleaned, it’s partly done. Two dustbins, but only one is rebagged. Used Bottles are not cleared. Bathroom isn’t cleaned properly.


The “balcony” offered in each room is a small 4 feet by 4 feet square, with no view. There are walls on two sides, and plants and leaves blocking your view. Oh, and the AC keeps dripping water here, so the whole balcony is literally useless.


The bed is essentially a mattress placed on top of a bed made up of concrete. No wood here. The mattress is spring-loaded, so it might not work for everyone. There’s a total of 3 power points in the room, two of which are taken up by the TV and STB. So only one is available to charge your phone. There are no hooks or screws to hang your clothes, no racks to keep your shoes either. There’s a 2-star Lloyd AC in the room that makes a lot of noise and needs to defrost every few minutes.

BSG Stay Hotel Review Morjim Goa

There’s a small cupboard and a few plastic hangers, and a small fridge at the bottom. There’s no phone in the room, so room service is literally a loud yell away. There are two wall lights, but for some reason one is white and the other is yellow. Idiots.


Was under construction while we stayed here. Even though they advertise it with a fake image in their listing, it’s not available yet.

BSG Stay Morjim Hotel Review


Was either under construction or they didn’t have a license for it. We were told that only basic breakfast items were available, and only till 11am. FFS!


BSG Stay is not kid-friendly at all. In fact, it’s not kid-safe. There is pool construction going on, so tools and raw material were lying around without warnings. The railings on the upper floors has huge gaps in them, and the railing itself is broken at the screw end, so much that the tiles are all cracked and the railing may fall if you lean on it too hard. The corridor is narrow, and thick doormats will definitely trip you over.


The place has no good vibes. It’s just a place to spend the night and move on to a new place in the morning, only if you have an urgency. Otherwise just go stay at the different place. You’ll be better off.


BSG Stay, Morjim is a terrible hotel to stay at. Reading the reviews of the hotel on Google Maps, it looks like the hotel was a good option until a few months ago, so I’m not sure why that changed. Either the management changed, or the hotel was sold to a different owner now. Either way, hope this review of BSG Stay hotel near Turtle Beach in Morjim, Goa saves you from making the same mistake we did.