Panic’s CandyBar goes Free, but Unsupported

CandyBar, although simply changing files on disk, has always fallen into a slightly-uncomfortable-for-us grey area of existence. It seems clear to us that there will undoubtedly come a time (soon?) when CandyBar can no longer customize system icons at all.

Since we’re unsure about the long-term future of changing system icons, we’re not comfortable charging money for CandyBar, and we’re also not comfortable simply making it disappear, instead we’re going to make the current CandyBar free — but unsupported.

I have only briefly toyed with CandyBar back in my early Leopard days and it was a pretty solid product, so it’s sad to see it go away like this due to the changes Apple is bringing in to OS X. Well, hopefully it doesn’t completely go away, as Panic says they’re handing over the control of the app to Iconfactory.

[Via Chris]