Regarding Values and Hypocrisy

Prasad Naik responds to a post by Javed Anwer, a tech journalist at The Times of India.

Javed Anwer, who loves to write about technology on his blog WebWise on The Times of India, has today posted an article called ‘No Apple, it’s not about values‘.

If Javed’s name sounds familiar, it’s probably because we’ve met him before. I wrote that post in July last year in response to his ramblings about the iPad 2 after using it for a week. That is still one of the most popular articles on that blog of mine and I had quite a lot of fun while writing that. But I digress.

I couple of people sent me a link to Javed’s latest post, but I couldn’t get to it before late evening. By then, Prasad had already published his post in response to Javed’s. Prasad raises some fairly interesting points about who really copied whom and who exactly was “FIRST!” in bringing a feature to the market.