Scratch is a new “quick-input notepad” for your iPhone, designed and developed by Garrett Murray and his team at Karbon. Garrett is also the man behind one of my favorite iPhone apps — Ego. I have written about why Scratch is a fantastic app in detail over at Beautiful Pixels, but I wanted to mention a few of its features here.

Scratch works for me because it’s fast. I had been using Drafts till Scratch came along and in my testing, Scratch has been faster in launching. I have this habit of quickly jotting down stuff on my iPhone and Scratch is the perfect fit in my case. This feature alone had Scratch finds its place in my Dock, but the app has plenty of other notable features as well.

I really like the customizable keys in the toolbar above the keyboard. You can have seven of your most frequently used special characters up there, saving you those unnecessary taps. What’s more, the Markdown shortcuts are really helpful too.

Scratch is a perfect little utility to have on your iPhone. Grab it from the App Store at $2.99.