Sponsorship and Advertising Opportunities

Nuclear Bits has garnered a loyal readership of readers, friends and followers who are passionate about & share the same interests in Consumer Technology, Design, all things Apple, the Telecom Industry, Photography, India and other topics that I write about and share here. These readers, like me, are always curious to learn about new products, services or apps that are released in the market and may be interesting to them.

If you’re are looking to promote your product or service to these readers of Nuclear Bits, I offer the following two ways you can talk to them about it.


Unlike most other sites that run a similar sponsorship programs, I do not boast 5 digit subscriber numbers or multi-million pageviews, at least not yet. Nuclear Bits has a loyal viewership of 15,000+ RSS subscribers, readers and followers. With a sponsorship, you get to promote your product or service directly to them. Also, I will only choosing sponsors of products/services that I’d otherwise recommend or use. So these sponsorships come as a direct recommendation from me and have a higher chance of being seen by your audience.

  • Sponsorships are exclusive and run for two weeks.
  • A promotional item about the product/service will be posted in the first week, followed by a thank you and a short blurb from me in the second one.
  • These posts, including all text and hyperlinks will be visible both on the website and via the RSS feed.
  • I’ll also send out a tweet thanking the sponsor for the sponsorship.
  • Last but in no way least, I really appreciate the support to this website you offer by sponsoring it.

If all this sounds like something you’d be interested in, let’s talk.


Advertising on Nuclear Bits is exclusive and consists of a single ad spot, with a 130×100 banner image and 80 characters of text.

To advertise on this site, send me an email.