Studio Neat’s Apple TV Remote Stand

Studio Neat's Apple TV Walnut Stand

The folks at Studio Neat, known for making some super stellar and nifty products, have just announced a new product for the new Apple TV that went up for pre-order earlier today.

The Apple TV Remote Stand is a beautiful stand milled from a piece of solid walnut. The bottom of the stand features a micro-suction pad so that the stand doesn’t slip and adheres to nearly any flat surface. You prop up your Apple TV remote upright, so it’s easy to grab when you want to use it. The stand is manufactured in Austin, Texas (USA) and is priced at just $12.

If you’re picking up an Apple TV, you should totally get this Apple TV Remote Stand. They also have a lovely product video for it.

The new Apple TV that Apple announced at an event in September is now up for pre-order on Apple’s online store. The 32GB model costs $149 whereas the 64GB model costs $199 and the earliest orders start shipping on October 30th.

The pre-orders new Apple TV was supposed to be available in 80 countries after launch, though it seems the pre-orders are only live for US, Canada, UK, Europe, Australia and a few other countries. Apple hasn’t sent out a press release for this and the Apple TV page hasn’t been updated yet either.

I’ll update this post as soon as I hear about the India launch and pricing.

Richard Lawler writing for Engadget:

[…] Tim Cook revealed that yes, the new Apple TV will arrive this month as promised. The taller, more powerful fourth generation box is due to ship next week, bringing along its touchpad remote and access to the App Store with tvOS. There were no specifics about in-store purchases or online orders, so those waiting may not have to wait until next month after all.

I’m excited to pick up the 32GB Apple TV for myself, but it’ll be interesting to see what Apple prices it at. I’m also hoping India makes it in the first wave of launch countries.