Cleartrip Redesigns its Mobile Website

Three principles guided the mobile web redesign for us:
– Move from the dated yellow colour palette to the white and blue theme of Tuxedo.
– Ensure consistency of experience across desktop and mobile web.
– Steal the best concepts from our app designs, without trying to mimic the apps on mobile web.

Cleartrip proves yet again why they’re one of my favorite companies in India with a focus on design.

There is a trend of brands shutting down their mobile sites in favor of mobile apps — they claim it is due to the overwhelming effort required to maintain all products across multiple platforms. We think that’s a terribly weak argument coming from companies that have no dearth of resources at their disposal. We’re committed to keeping Cleartrip accessible so our customers can use the channels they prefer. The web is one of the fastest and easiest platforms to develop and maintain (as compared to other front end platforms), and testimony to that, this entire project took us just 2 months to complete.


Cleatrip Adds Support for the Apple Watch

Cleartrip today released an update to its iOS app that adds support for the Apple Watch, which will be making its way to users starting April 24th. If you’re a Cleartrip user and end up getting an Apple Watch, you’ll be able to enjoy some pretty nifty features like:

  • View a list of upcoming trips in the watch app
  • View details of your next flight, along with departure time and flight status through a Glance
  • Receive notifications for flight delays, reschedules or cancellations directly on the watch.

I have always loved what Cleartrip has been doing with the design of their website and their iOS app. You can download Cleatrip for iOS Free on the App Store.

Cleartrip Enables Passbook Support for Tickets

Cleartrip, my favorite online ticket-booking service for India, has announced that Passbook support has been enabled for all tickets booked through the service.

All confirmation emails sent by Cleartrip now have a pass file attached in addition to the PDF ticket. In addition, passes are available from within your Cleartrip Account through your desktop or mobile browser.

I was hoping they’d do this since October last year.