The Original LIFX Smart Bulb Gets a Price Cut to $60

LIFX Smart Bulb

LIFX is a family of LED Smart Bulbs. These bulbs connect to your router over Wi-Fi and can be controlled using an app on your smartphone or tablet. Because these bulbs are always connected to the internet, you can use the power of IFTTT recipes to customize their behavior and mould them to your liking. These bulbs also do not require any ‘Hub’ and work independently.

Currently there are 3 products in the LIFX family:

  1. The Original — 16 Million Colors and 1000 lumens
  2. White 800 — 1000 shades of white and 890 lumens
  3. Color 650 — Full Color Downlight and 650 lumens

I presently have two LIFX Original bulbs in my house, with a third one on its way. I purchased the first one 18 months ago and I love everything about it.

Today, the company has just announced that The Original LIFX bulb has received a price cut from retailing at $99.99 to just $59.99 now. If you’ve been on the fence about smart bulbs, now’s a good chance to grab one.

You can order The Original LIFX Smart Bulb from Amazon or directly from their website, with both offering you Free Shipping in the US.

LIFX App for iPhone v1.8

I love my LIFX bulb and the team has been adding some great new features to it, like LIFX Cloud and today’s update to their iPhone app brought some amazing new features.

Scene Alarm (wake up naturally in the morning with gently increasing light), Geofence (switches on your favourite scene when you arrive home), On Vacation setting (simulates an occupied home by switching lights on and off randomly when you’re away) and Hold-to-breathe (identify a bulb or group in-app with a tap-and-hold see it pulse gently).