The Vu SuperMac TV — The Largest Apple based TV in the World

Late last month, I received a press release from Vu, introducing the first "Apple-based TV" in the world. Vu has been selling TVs in the market for a while now, but this was the first time I was receiving a proper press release from them for a TV with "built-in Mac". Reading about it, I was obviously curious & intrigued. I got in touch with the company and a demo of the product was arranged for me at their Mumbai office.


Unclutter App

I just stumbled across Unclutter App while browsing the Mac App Store today and instantly realized what a great little utility it was. Often when I’m working on something with a lot of apps open, I end up saving files directly on the Desktop so that they’re easier to access during the course of the project and also easy to remember. Over time, these files start piling up on the Desktop, making it untidy and messy. If you’ve ever wished for a way to not get into that mess, Unclutter is here to help you.

Unclutter is a tiny Menubar utility that opens a tray from the top of the Desktop, revealing three little windows called ‘cards’. You invoke the tray by moving the mouse to the top of the menubar. There is a ‘Files’ card, a ‘Notes’ card and one that shows the contents of your Clipboard. Let’s say you want to quickly jot down someone’s phone number of Address — simply invoke Unclutter and type in the number in the Notes card. Ended up downloading a file on the Desktop? No problem, just move it into the Files card. The Clipboard window shows you any text or image you currently have in your CLipboard. These cards can also be turned into individual floating windows by simply dragging them out onto your Desktop, so you can stack them next to the app you’re working with.

Unclutter comes from the developers of DaisyDisk, which is a fantastic app that visualizes the disk usage on your Mac and helps you clear up space. You can buy Unclutter from the Mac App Store for just $1.99 until Feb 7th, after which the regular price would be $2.99.

Evernote 5 for Mac

Evernote has been readying v5.0 of their Mac App which will feature a completely redesigned User Interface and over 100 new features. They’ve put up this teaser video to give us a glimpse of what’s coming.

I use Evernote on the Mac as a dump of all the information I think I might need later and it has been a great tool so far. I’m looking forward to this new version.