Devanagari Digits — My Favorite Watch Face on Apple Watch in watchOS 6

The California watch face on watchOS 6 with Devanagari numerals

I updated my Apple Watch Series 4 (GPS) to watchOS 6 a couple of days ago and while it’s nice to have features like the ECG app in India or the new independent apps, by far my favorite thing in watchOS 6 is the new California watch face on watchOS 6 with Devanagari numerals. I have it set to show the StepsApp complication, and I love how minimal the whole thing looks.

How I wish I could display the day and date in Devanagari too.

Update: To learn how to enable Devanagari numbers on Apple Watch, follow this tutorial.

Cleatrip Adds Support for the Apple Watch

Cleartrip today released an update to its iOS app that adds support for the Apple Watch, which will be making its way to users starting April 24th. If you’re a Cleartrip user and end up getting an Apple Watch, you’ll be able to enjoy some pretty nifty features like:

  • View a list of upcoming trips in the watch app
  • View details of your next flight, along with departure time and flight status through a Glance
  • Receive notifications for flight delays, reschedules or cancellations directly on the watch.

I have always loved what Cleartrip has been doing with the design of their website and their iOS app. You can download Cleatrip for iOS Free on the App Store.

Ars Technica’s Moto 360 Review

Ron Amadeo reviews the Moto 360, complete with benchmarks comparing it with the LG G Watch and the Samsung Gear Live.

The Moto 360 is a big step forward for smartwatches, but it’s still not the excellent hardware we’re looking for. There’s a great design here, but it’s marred by a power-hungry processor that can’t keep up with Android Wear. The battery life and performance is a deal breaker. For a “convenience” product that is supposed to be all about fast access, having it be slow or dead really defeats what little purpose a smartwatch has.

It’s disappointing to see a watch that was so hyped fail so miserably at basics.