Mike Isaac, reporting for The New York Times:

The lawsuit, filed by WhatsApp in the Delhi High Court, seeks to block the enforceability of the rules that were handed down by the government this year. WhatsApp, a service owned by Facebook that sends encrypted messages, claimed in its suit that the rules, which were set to go into effect on Wednesday, were unconstitutional.

Yes, Facebook is evil, but the current Indian Govt. is riding the same boat. It’s good to see WhatsApp challenging these ridiculous new rules (may even be unconstitutional), and I hope other companies join the suit.

That said, this doesn’t absolve WhatsApp from their new Privacy Policy changes. Scumbags.

WhatsApp Processes 18B Messages on Dec 31st

WhatsApp, arguably the most popular cross-platform messaging service out there today processed a record 18 BILLION messages on a single day on December 31st, 2013. That’s 7 Billion inbound and 11 Billion outbound messages.

If you’re wondering why the number of inbound and outbound messages is not the same, WhatsApp explains:

[…] difference in inbound vs. outbound is due to group chat. sending one msg into group chat of 10 people is 1:10 inbound:outbound

That is an interesting logic they follow there. To me, when a group message is sent out, a single message goes out but is instead is being delivered, independently, to multiple different devices and users. So that’s 1 outbound message but multiple inbound ones.

That said, that’s an insane amount of messages for a single day. Hats off to their engineering and ops team for this.

[via @sathyabhat]