The Wrap — Cable Winder for the iPhone Charger

Here’s a neat accessory to have if you own an iPhone. Ever find yourself frustrated because your iPhone’s charger cable is in a tangled mess or about to fall off from the joints because you folded or wound it too tightly? I’ve come across a number of cases where this has happened and it’s not a pretty sight.

Michiel Cornelissen has come up with a fantastic little accessory to save you from your frustration. Called ‘The Wrap’, it’s an attachment to your existing charger that lets you wrap the cable around it. It comes with with two prongs that you can tuck your cable end into.

Michiel had released the Europe Version of The Wrap a few months ago and got a lot of requests to release the US version, which he has done today. You can view the product information and photos on his page here or order the product directly for just $10 plus shipping. It comes in 4 colors and 5 variants.