Unread App has a new home

Unread is currently my favorite RSS Reader app, both on my iPhone 5 and iPad mini with Retina display. It is a fantastically crafted app by Jared Sinclair and thanks to its minimalistic UI and focus on Typography, quickly replaced Fiery RSS for me. I subscribe to a lot of personal blogs and a lot of my time in the app is spent reading what others are writing — so good typography matters.

Unfortunately, Jared recently announced that he was taking up a full-time position at BlogLovin, which meant the development on his apps was to cease. Thankfully, Unread has found a new home, with the folks at Supertop. Supertop are the folks behind Castro and Tokens.

On their blog, they write:

Unread makes an excellent companion to our podcast app, Castro. Both apps are news/entertainment focused, share similar design goals and even rely on the same underlying feed technology. We are grateful to Jared for trusting us with the future of Unread and look forward to developing and refining both of these apps for years to come.

I’m glad Unread will live on and look forward to the improvements they bring to the app.