Watching the Olympics in Super Hi-Vision

John Zubrzycki, over at BBC’s Research & Development Blog, has a fascinating overview of the Super Hi-Vision, a Ultra HD format developed by NHK. He writes:

[…] we were viewing using an Ultra-HD system called Super Hi-Vision (SHV) developed by NHK (The Japanese national broadcaster). SHV has sixteen times as many pixels as HDTV making a picture with 7680 pixels across by 4320 pixels down. It was displayed on an 8-metre wide screen, accompanied by a 22.2 multichannel 3-dimensional sound system. The combined effect was to transport the people in the viewing theatre right into the stadium – telepresence comes of age.

The rest of the post is full of fascination technical insights into how BBC and NHK are making this possible. If you’re interested in experiencing this for yourself, there are a bunch of events you can apply for.

[Via James Thomson]