Beautiful Shots of the White iPhone 5

Watching Apple’s iPhone 5 keynote and then the products shots from the press release, I had pretty much made up my mind that I would be opting for the black model whenever I get my hands on one, either having it shipped from the US when Apple starts offering the unlocked version or purchasing it directly in India, my first official iPhone purchase.

The black model of the iPhone 5 has a very sexy, stealthy black look due to the anodized aluminum it uses for the back and on the antennas. However, in the last 3 days, I have come across numerous notes and tweets saying that it very easily gets scratched. Now, I know that the report has been blown out of proportion in the press already. That’s not my concern. I have never used a case on my devices — I like them “naked”. So even if the problem isn’t as bad, it still was worrying for me. Yet, I was sure to go for the black model.

Until I saw these photos. Now I may just change my mind.