Apple is Hiring for 9 Different Positions for the Apple Online Store Engineering team in Hyderabad

Apple has updated its Jobs portal with a listing of 9 new available positions for its Apple Online Store (AOS) Engineering team based at its new development campus in Hyderabad, India. These listings were posted on the portal late evening yesterday, just days after the Indian Government approved 100% Foreign Direct Investment for Single-Brand Retail in the country, signaling a major win for Apple, who has been trying to open its own stores in India for a little over 3 years now.

Apple India is hiring for the following positions for the Apple Online Store team in Hyderabad:

  • Software Engineering Manager
  • Machine Learning Engineer
  • Software Engineer
  • Senior Software Engineer
  • Software Engineer in Test
  • DevOps Engineer
  • Engineering Project Manager
  • Platform Engineer
  • Senior Tech Lead

Some of the job descriptions included with these postings:

Today, the Apple Online Store (AOS) provides one of the best multichannel commerce experiences in the world, and operates in 37 countries worldwide.

At AOS, its Engineering team is responsible for the global eCommerce platform that serves millions of customers around the world. We are a team highly skilled Software Engineering Managers, Engineers, Analysts and Project Managers based in Cupertino, London and Singapore.

These nine job listings are specifically for the Apple Online Store Engineering team. There are other available positions currently listed for other teams and other departments, but these 9 jobs were all posted together late yesterday evening.

This development may or may not mean that Apple is preparing to launch an Apple Online Store in India, but one care surely hope. Whatever be the case, what’s certain is Apple is expanding its Apple Online Store Engineering team in Hyderabad, along with its Site Reliability Engineering team, Information Systems & Technology team, the Strategic Data Solutions department, and of course, the Apple Maps team.

Offscreen Magazine in India


I have been a huge fan of Offscreen Magazine ever since they announced their 3rd Issue. The first two issues ran out of stock before I could order them, but I have purchased every single issue since the third one and love reading every bit of it. Offscreen is a fantastic magazine with some amazing content from talented individuals around the globe and it gives you great insight into the life and workings of people that you look up to. And all this is effectively put together by a single person — Kai Brach.


Every issue of Offscreen is available in limited quantities and there are no reprints. You can order it directly from the website, but there have been two major disadvantages attached to it:

  • The Shipping — Offscreen ships via Standard Post from Germany, so local shipping is handled by your country’s local post. So if you’re in India, your delivery entirely depends on India Post and how good their service is. Additionally, your shipment cannot be tracked, so you’re in the dark as to how long it’s going to take to reach you or if it even reaches you at all. In my experience, it takes about 5 weeks for a shipment to reach me.
  • The Payment — Offscreen uses PayPal for their payments, so your only option of payment is a Credit Card.

I’ve been speaking about this with Kai and my friends in India and I’ve always wanted to improve this. So I’m glad to tell you now that you can now purchase Offscreen Magazine locally India, directly from the Beautiful Pixels Store. Many thanks to Kai for his support.

Here’s what you get if you order the magazine from us:

  • Local Payment Options — You can pay using Net Banking, Debit Card or Credit Card.
  • Priority Shipping — You get shipping that can be tracked online & don’t have to rely on India Post to “do the needful”.

We currently have Issue #11 in stock and for sale on the website, but you can sign up if you’re interested in future or past issues. We have plans to bring many more such interesting magazines and products to India, so stay tuned.

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