Studio Neat’s Apple TV Remote Stand

Studio Neat's Apple TV Walnut Stand

The folks at Studio Neat, known for making some super stellar and nifty products, have just announced a new product for the new Apple TV that went up for pre-order earlier today.

The Apple TV Remote Stand is a beautiful stand milled from a piece of solid walnut. The bottom of the stand features a micro-suction pad so that the stand doesn’t slip and adheres to nearly any flat surface. You prop up your Apple TV remote upright, so it’s easy to grab when you want to use it. The stand is manufactured in Austin, Texas (USA) and is priced at just $12.

If you’re picking up an Apple TV, you should totally get this Apple TV Remote Stand. They also have a lovely product video for it.

Apple Watch Charging Clip by Studio Neat

The folks at Studio Neat have come up with this nifty 3D printed product out of an idea that was born originally to Matthew Panzarino. Of course, the nice people that they are, got to solving the problem and here’s what we have.

A few weeks ago Matthew Panzarino emailed us a photo of a crude setup: a rubber band wrapped around the face of the watch, holding the puck securely as a sort of seat belt. He had been using the watch extensively during the day and needed to charge while out and about. He wanted to simply throw the charging watch in his bag, and this was his MacGyver’d solution.

The Apple Watch Charging Clip is a little thing that attaches to the back of your Apple Watch to hold the magnetic charger in place.


The clip is available via Shapeways in multiple colors for both 38mm and 42 mm watches. Shapeways is also offering Free worldwide shipping this weekend.

I love that 3D printing has made it so easy these days to solve small problems like these.